Friday, September 28, 2012

Sewing: Prairie Blouse and Pants for Tess (Pattern soon...)

(Update: Pattern information here.)

We are enjoying some gorgeous Fall color right now and I love being outside in it. The change of seasons is always a bit heady, isn't it? I have so many ideas... Including new things to sew. Such as Fall blouses...

I bought some fun fabric a few weeks ago with Fall wardrobes in mind for my girls. I got really excited about fine wale corduroy, especially in prints. And I found some cotton prints to go with. I had a few specifics in mind, but before I got to them, I pulled some out to make this Prairie Blouse and Prairie Pants for Tess because it seemed like the Robert Kaufmann corduroy (Cool Cords Mini Dot in Coral) would be soft and warm for Fall, and keep the look a bit casual. I think this Riley Blake print (Woodland Tails Friends in Green) looks great with the corduroy. Reminds me of some of the Japanese import fabrics I love.

And what's with the "Prairie" stuff? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am reading Little House in the Big Woods to Audrey and Scarlett, but that actually came after Scarlett said she wanted a "cowboy" birthday party this year and I decided to give it a prairie spin.

When I was thinking about an outfit for Scarlett to wear to her party I kept thinking about the prairie trend in the 80s. Remember? Lots of ruffles... I was also thinking about the practicality of some pants (such as culottes or gauchos) for horsewomen, such as my birthday girl. So I'm working on an ensemble much like this for Scarlett, but decided to try it in pint size first.

I think it works.

I know the ruffle pants have been done and done and done, and to be honest I was feeling really tired of them, but the prairie look seemed to beg for them and I decided I like them with that country (rather than boutique) slant. These pants have a comfortable cut and a nice flare to them but it isn't super exaggerated. I think I'm actually going to make Tess another pair!

There are a few other prairie-inspired designs in the works. I'm feeling very compulsive and want to keep drafting and finish up the patterns but I'd better get to the actual birthday to-do list! So this is a bit of a tease. Birthday outfit and favors first; patterns in a little bit.

Oh, and I'm trying to squeeze in a lot of time outdoors. It's so much fun to have a couple mornings a week when it's just little Tess and me. She's a great hiking buddy (weight). I hope you are enjoying this time of year where you are.

Have a good weekend!


Leigh Anne said...

Your outfit turned out adorable as always! We have also had a lovely fall so far. Wish I had beautiful woods to hike in, but will have to settle for the prairie plains :) Tess is so cute in these photos too!

Emily said...

Love the outfit and the pretty pictures. I like your spin on the ruffle pants and the ruffle on the top of the blouse. I'm thinking of adding a similar ruffle to the flamenco dress that I haven't started yet for Ansley.

Bari Jo said...

I, too, love the change of seasons. Ours seems to be coming quicker and cooler this year than normal. I kind of hate to see the last of the roses blooming but they are gorgeous with the cooler weather. Tess's new outfit is so sweet and she is adorable!

Elasha said...

This is a darling combo. I love the fine wale cords too. Great job!

vohn v said...

I love the top! I am anxiously waiting for the tutorial; my little girl would love this top!

Holly Baceva said...

Hi! Love your blog. Did you post the blouse pattern? I can't seem to find it.

Anneliese said...

@Holly: Thanks so much! The pattern is still in the works... soon I hope! Thanks for your interest.



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