Thursday, September 6, 2012

Craft: Yarn Pom Pom Bouquets (Tutorial)

I've been thinking about different tabletop ideas for Tess's birthday party. I was going to make a felt polka dot bunting to run down the middle of the tables (as I did for the "boy" version of this Chevron Dot party theme) but then I thought of three dimensional dots instead: pom-poms. So I've been making yarn pom poms for party bouquets. I was so happy to find yarn in colors that coordinate with the invitation!

These bouquets are a bit of a nod to the tissue variety I made for my Fiesta party a couple years ago. Pretty simple, and fun, and inexpensive.

Audrey and Scarlett wanted in on this action an they made a couple pom poms too. I was impressed! They did a great job. Audrey now wants a pom pom making party! I will have to make them with the girls again. It's a great way to keep them busy.

If you'd like a bit of a how-to click for more details.

Seems every time I make some of these I do them differently. (If you haven't made pom poms check out this great tutorial on MADE.) This time I used a three sided ruler as my form. It has a nice groove down the center where I could tuck in a long piece of yarn for tying the pom pom.

 I then wrapped the yarn around the ruler...

...cut the yarn down the center of the side opposite where I tied it....

...pulled the yarn tight...

...and gave them a haircut. My favorite part!

I got some long lollipop sticks and "skewered" the poms by sticking one in the center of the pom pom.

You could put some blue on the end of the stick to hold these in place but I didn't because I'm not expecting to use them in a bouquet beyond the party. If they last that long! They are so tempting for squeezing and throwing...

I used some square vases, which I filled a couple inches with rice. Beans would work too. This was my on-hand solution for flower weights. I also created a grid across the opening of the vases with transparent floral tape. I think regular tape would work as well. The grid is the secret to making an arrangement work the way you picture it!

And, just plop in in the pom poms! I used seven, half of which (hah!) were a bit bigger than the other. Pretty fun. A bit Dr. Suess-y too.

Yarns used:
  • Coral: Bernat Satin in Flamingo
  • Orange: Red Heart Soft in Tangerine
  • Yellow: Red Heart Super Saver in Lemon
  • Pink: Bernat Satin in Sea Shell
  • Grey: Bernat Satin in Grey Mist Heather


Anonymous said...

I feel like these would also be ideal for a "Lorax"- themed party; paint the stems with grey stripes and you have ready-made truffula trees :)

Bari Jo said...

How fun! You know, I've never made a great pom pom - now I know why - I haven't cut it short enough in the hair cut step - thank you for showing me how to do this! Love the bouquets!!! You are amazing!

Deanna said...

Thanks for this tutorial! I have always wondered how to make these! Now I will have to make one for my baby girl's hat!!

Anonymous said...

This is much easier than how I learnt to make them. I was taught by my sisters. We took cardboard made two circles the same size. Then cut a whole in the middle. Then wrapped yarn through the whole. It was alot of work. You made this so much easier. Thanks. Love the colors you put together.

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