Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sewing: Brown Corduroy Capris with Cabbage Roses

I couldn't resist sewing more Fall clothes for the girls once I got on the roll of KCWC (see this post and this post). So I kept going and going. I sewed all week. It was a bit nutty because I was also supposed to be getting ready for a big family trip. But in my crazy compulsive way I was thinking the sewing also accomplished the goal of identifying clothing to pack for the girls. I know...  But it does, right?

In my defense, the sewing went relatively quickly because I wasn't slowing down to document a tutorial or draft a pattern. It was such a nice change! And I was so excited to use this chocolate brown corduroy with cabbage roses out of my recently acquired Fall corduroy stash. Isn't it perfect?! I think this rich brown with red and blue is an over-the-top combination. I wish the Etsy shop had had more than the mere 1/2 yard I was able to buy. For your sakes too! Maybe they'll get it back in...

I sewed Tess some capri length Bloomers from my Summer Set pattern (which I have been using for all sorts of Fall layering pieces) and pulled out a boiled wool top (pattern for this top here) I'd started last Spring and finished it to go with the pants. I couldn't think of a cozier set for the Fall or our ensuing trip to British Columbia!

So Tess and her new Fall outfit and the rest of us headed north to spend the better part a week sharing a house on an island with some good friends. I can't even believe the rarity of that sort of trip. What a gift! It was beautiful even though that beauty include rain and mist and cold. We had a great time. Now that we're back I'm sure our girls will miss being part of that pack of kids running around.

There was so much to do related to the coast (finding starfish, catching crab, looking for seals...) that it might have been easy to pass up the interior of the island but I'm so glad we didn't. We all described it as an enchanted forest. I couldn't get over the moss everywhere. And filtered light. And crawling things.

And there were falling leaves bigger than any I've seen. Truly! Tess, Audrey and Scarlett were fascinated. Such a great landscape for adventures!

It's so important to share adventures, don't you think? Part of the enjoyment is thinking about how we'll remember it later.

And now that we're home again there are all sorts of things waiting for us. Holidays, changing temperatures, our regular, wonderful routine... I love coming home. Can't wait to do the next thing. Not sure what it is but that's part of the fun.


Tessa said...

Very cute! I just love the bloomers

mjb said...

Adorable:):) love your sewing creations..always sooooo amazing:)

Leigh Anne said...

Adorable! What a lovely trip! Sounds like an amazing time. And that leaf is huge! My kids would b amazed too ;)

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

So cute - your photos always look like something out of a storybook. Just beautiful.

Mamã, Papá e Ervilhinha said...

Wich fabric did you use to do the trousers? Corduroy?? Where can i buy it online??


Elasha said...

Darling pants -- and shirt. What is the shirt pattern? Corduroy is one of my all time favorite things about fall. You've been able to get in a bunch of sewing!! I am starting now on my spring sewing - so I might actually have it done by then! :)

And it sounds like a you had a wonderful trip too.

Anneliese said...

@Elasha: You are so smart to be working on Spring sewing! I am always behind...! The shirt pattern is one of my own designs--a pattern in the works! Thanks for asking.

Diane Mars said...

What a doll! Love all the photos! HUgs, Diane
I am your newest follower!



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