Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Room Design: Family Room Update

Some months ago my husband commented on the fact that our round table only seated four... It's funny how I hadn't thought about that. Perhaps because Tess was always sitting in the high chair. But obviously we needed a table for five. So we started table hunting. And one thing led to another... We found this table at Crate&Barrel and it is supposed to have an indestructible top. Perfect for children. But I still end up covering it all the time because it is heavily textured and difficult to clean up spills. Oil cloth is perfect for that (except for the PVC! yikes, I know... but laminated cotton is just not the same). I had been using some brightly colored tablecloths I made a few years ago but it was such a clash.

So I looked for something more neutral and found this great silver oilcloth and tan polka dot oilcloth to use for a tablecloht and splat mat. What a difference! Don't know why I didn't do this long ago. (The kitchen table is where my laptop is usually sitting so I can steal a minute to check email while eating lunch or breakfast...)

We got the higher chairs (bar stools) at IKEA and they work great for the three girls. At some point we'll have to replace the rest of the chairs, which I bought before we were married.

We were lucky enough to replace a sectional couch we'd had for what seemed like forever. I never really liked the couch when we got it, but there just were not that many options then for a sectional and nothing else would fit down the stairway in the basement. I had no idea how long you have to keep a couch. The old one was a khaki-gold and we had the wall painted a similar color and every photo we took in that room turned out horribly! It seems strange, but I finally realized that color was really unflattering...! And since we gather so often in this room, and take photos in here, we had to repaint. (Have you ever noticed in interior design magazines when they talk about a wall color being "really flattering"? Now I get it.)

So now we have a grey couch (also Crate&Barrel) and grey walls (Martha Stewart's "Cement Gray": MSL266 from Home Depot) and I like it so much better! I had to come up with some new throw pillows for the couch. I found some different fabrics--a few Ikat inspired--but I realized I prefer a more monochromatic look with some interesting textures on the couch so I used the patterns for the floor pillows. I found these great mongolian lamb pillows at West Elm. They are incredibly soft. I love them but my children love them even more, which makes me really happy!

Because it is the family room, afterall! It's not easy to balance budget, design and kid-friendly function, is it? Sometimes we wonder if it's worth it to replace the worn-out when everything takes a beating. But on the other hand, does it make sense to put off little improvements indefinitely when they would make your surroundings more enjoyable every day? How do you do it?

(They all love the blanket I made for their dad last Christmas too. I should make some more of those!)


GrayColors said...

Love the table!

Miss Holly said...

Oh...I love the oil cloths...I was just in Paris where it is sold on rolls even in little shops....I bought several last year at an open air market. They are so pretty...Under the table...Brilliant !!!
I have a relative who visits that I may have to but a square for!!!! ( not a child....... :) but quite a messy eater!! )
The jumper in your last post takes me right back to my mum....every new school year she would make my sister and myself matching jumpers... makes me happy to think about it.
Your girls are so lovely....lucky to have a mum who makes them clothes and memories!!

Simple Simon and Company said...


Rachel said...

Great table & I love the taller chairs, we may have to do something similar for our kids.

Do you have cork floors? We are thinking about doing them in our kitchen.

Anneliese said...

@Rachel: Yes, we do have cork floors. I love them!

Seaweed and Raine said...

That last photo is phenominal! Tess looks amazing.I think you should make some more of those blankets. :)

Lizzy said...

I would just love to come to your house for a tour. It looks beautiful and practical at the same time.

Anonymous said...

This is just the inspiration I need to do an update on our great room.
It isn't unbearable the way it is, just not me. I would love to change the color pallette, bit-by-bit until voila, it's suddenly changed!
What color is the paint shown in the last pic? It is perfect...
Thank you for your beautiful work.


Anneliese said...

@Anonymous (Jen): Thanks for your comment. The paint is Martha Stewart's "Cement Gray": MSL266 from Home Depot. I think it's a great color!

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