Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sewing: Linen and Lavender Crib Bedding

I didn't think I would finish this, but since this baby girl decided not to be early like her sisters I had extra time. So her crib bedding is finished! Not that she needs it immediately, but I feel better having a little nest for our new one. Especially since she doesn't have a room of her own... It looks lovely outside though...

The room that will be hers eventually is the only of our children's bedrooms with stained window mouldings. The idea of cherry wood threw me for a while in my nursery concepting. Seems a bit more tricky (to me anyway) to come up with a color palette and "feel" than if the trim were white, as it is in the other rooms.  Cherry seems more masculine, or at least more grown up, but I kind of liked the challenge too. I was thinking for a while about something very British in feel--perhaps a Spode-inspired blue and white, or blue white and a shade of magenta. I even I found some pretty fabrics but they seemed too serious. I love the whimsy of Audrey's and Scarlett's rooms and wanted some of that for this baby.

Then a few weeks ago as I was finishing the lavender cardigan for Audrey, I tossed it over this crib (which has been sitting elegantly in our entry!) and loved the combination. I also loved the idea of using linen--one of my all-time favorite neutrals. So it was decided: linen and lavender. I seem to be on a bit of a lavender kick this summer. Audrey has inspired me I guess. 

It's always dangerous to start getting ideas in one's head as it seems the actual fabrics or wallpaper or furniture is impossible to find, but I lucked out in finding this jacquard upholstery fabric (at one of my favorite stores) and decided to use it as the only pattern. It feels a bit youthful and whimsical to me even though the palette is sophisticated. I just wish I'd purchased more as I decided to use it on both sides of the bumper and now am out, and the store is out too, and who knows if I'll find more. I was thinking of stashing some for the "big girl" version of the room--throw pillows or something. Maybe I'll find some eventually.

I used a Vogue pattern as a reference for the bumper and crib skirt but ended up calculating measurements on my own for the most part and then totally ignoring the instructions because I improvised so much. Rather than piecing the skirt per the pattern I bought a full bolt of the fabrics and cut strips as long as each of the sides--much more satisfactory final product I think. I added the contrasting band to the skirt, made wider and longer bumper ties, added piping to the bumper and lengthened the skirt decking as the last couple I made were about two inches too short. I'm glad it all worked out! I had to hand sew the entire bottom of the bumper, which is not my favorite thing--way too slow--but it's finished and it was worth it.

I was toying with the idea of finding another patterned fabric for the fitted sheet (maybe a small polka dot) but decided to stick with a solid lavender and I like it. The bed feels very serene to me. A good place to fall sweetly to sleep. More subdued than the other girls' crib ensembles. Maybe I'm mellowing as I mature?

The only "problem" with having finished this is that it really makes me want to do the complete room. I would love to incorporate some of the great apricot and coral shades from this baby's heirloom cut-chenille blanket--love lavender and apricot together. I think I'll display the blanket, in fact it would look gorgeous tossed over the crib I think, and think about using that shade on the walls somehow--paint or paintings or something. We'll see how the timing works out on that project, but for now, at least this little baby has her own crib to come home to.


The Cottage Mama said...

Anneliese, you are amazing!! I can't tell you how excited I get when your posts pop up in my reader. This is stunning. Love the crib (and the fact that you moved it outside for the are a true photographer :-). You new little angel is going to just love it!!

Btw, when are you due? Have a great day, Lindsay

Carrie said...

that's beautiful!

nlupone said...

This is beautiful! where do you get the time for all this beautiful work? You inspire me! Good luck with your new baby.

@jenhalloran said...

What a gorgeous combination -- particularly in that lovely setting! The jacquard adds such great texture and the color palette is the perfect combination of sophisticated and sweetly girly. (And perhaps the lavender flower's supposed sleep-inducing properties might carry over to the color, as well?) :-)

Erica said...

Beautiful crib bedding! The lavender compliments the cherry crib very well! I love the linen bed skirt! Very pretty!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

This is gorgeous as are all your posts. I suspect your due date must be soon. Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery.

kmj said...

Hi! I just came across your blog and absolutely LOVE this bedding! I started flipping through and saw all the other stuff you do for your daughters, and you are amazing! I was wondering if you had finished this room yet? I am dying to see the final outcome. I would love to do something similar for mine due this August. Looking forward to more posts! Thanks!

Anneliese said...

@kmj: I am dying to see the outcome too! :-) We still haven't done the switching around and a bit of construction required to give this baby her own room. The crib is now in the office squished between credenza and desk--not ideal. I'm hoping to get going on the nursery for Tess in the next month or so... I will definitely post about it when there's something to share. Thanks for asking! -A

portable crib bedding said...

that is so beautiful!

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