Monday, October 5, 2015

Sewing: My Little Denim Dress

Some of the trends returning lately have taken a minute to sink in. Jumpsuits, for instance. (I'm on board now.) Culottes took a little less time but there was still a brief pause. The Little Denim Dress however? I was there immediately. I love the look. Chic, casual and comfortable all at once.

Especially if we are talking about stretch denim, which of course we are. 

When I first saw Kelly's Lille pattern, I knew it would make the perfect LDD. While hunting for the right stretch denim (I found this at Hancock Fabrics) I made a Lille in gingham, but I couldn't wait to get to this. 

 I love it. It was nice to sew this pattern again, too, after making a few alterations for fit the first time around. You can find information about the Lille pattern at the Sew What Club. It was the women's pattern for their first month's subscription. 

I decided not to line the dress because I didn't want to interfere with the stretch denim. So I used bias tape to finish the neck and sleeves. This red, white and blue tape had been in my stash for some time. I still want to use it in a starring role but it's my little secret in this LDD.

Another not-so-secret is the fact that I left out the zipper! I thought I'd try to squeeze in the dress with the back seam basted to check the fit before installing the zipper and it went on so easily I decided to stop there. I must admit it's a bit awkward getting it off so I may install one at some point but for now I've just stitched the back closed.

It's been fun wearing this dress with gold heels, but I'm also looking forward to pulling on some boots and adding a cardigan for cooler weather. Maybe a wrap cardigan sewn in a sweater knit. There's one in the pipeline from Delia for this month's Sew What Club subscription and I can't wait.


Kristine said...

Love the bias trim on the sleeve. This dress is lovely.

Rebecca said...

It's pretty much perfect! Love it!

Unknown said...

Your dress i so pretty! I feel this would be the best dress for my pre-wedding date. From:Rustic Wedding Invitations

Elasha said...

I LOVE this!

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