Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crafting: Elvis Iron-on Sweatshirt (Cricut Explore project)

We've got quite an Elvis fan in our household. I'm not sure how it happened really. While I like the King, his music isn't often playing. We have no paintings of him on velvet (though Audrey painted one of her own on canvas this past summer). 

Perhaps learning "Hound Dog" on her ukulele did it. Or discovering the Elvis station on satellite radio. In any event, she thinks he's pretty cool.

So now that I have a Cricut Explore I thought I'd make her an Elvis sweatshirt for school. The standard grey sweatshirt is just her thing and an Elvis silhouette in black glitter makes it pretty perfect.

I found an Elvis image online and traced it with Adobe Illustrator. (Note that I am aware Elvis and his image is protected, but one-off home us if fine. I'm not selling this sweatshirt or the file I created in his likeness.) Then I saved the silhouette as a .svg file and imported it into Cricut Design Space™. I cut it out on some Cricut Iron-on Black Glitter, which I then ironed on to the sweatshirt. The whole project probably took 15 or 20 minutes. Brilliant!

I love that Audrey loves it. 

She wore it to our State Fair hoping to find some Elvis memorabilia. Seems like a good place to ind it but no luck.

They did have some nice-looking farm animals, good snacks and caricature artists though.

Disclaimer: Cricut provided me with a Cricut Explore machine and invited me to participate in their Design Space Star competition. This post contains affiliate links. The opinions expressed here are genuine based on my experience. I only review products I use and believe in.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Very cool project. I had no idea you could trace things using adobe illustrator, and I'd have no idea how to do that anyway. Theres so many cool things out here to do. Thanks for the great idea.

sewbeckyjo said...

ok, we're on the same wavelength or something. I have that black glittery iron-on roll, and I made some in silver glitter yesterday. I have the expressions 2 (bummer - no svg import), but it worked out just fine, although I'm jealous of your Elvis action.

Falafel and the Bee said...

Oh my wow!
I love this so much...AND Elvis!
Your daughter has good taste:)
Our youngest loves the Beatles!
It must be in the genes.
Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Esta chica tiene muy buen gusto y estas personas son inmortales. Muy bonita la aplicaciĆ³n, te ha quedado perfecta!! Besitos desde Sevilla, Ani.

dana said...

I seriously love this. And oh my....that last shot! Gorgeous. Um...I think I need an Elvis sweatshirt. haha. List some in your shop! I'll buy!

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