Monday, September 29, 2014

Craft: Frozen Birthday Party Invitation (Free Cricut file)

I was in an Art Deco frame of mind while planning our next birthday party so I decided to add a bit of the 1920s vibe to a Frozen birthday party. I don't relish the idea of a character party so having a creative angle on it really helped!

I took the Roaring 20s invitation I created for the Cricut Design Space Star competition and modified it to invite a bunch of princesses to a Frozen Tea Party.

I can't wait to share all the details of this event. It was so much fun. But in the meantime I've got free templates and a tutorial to share with you for the inviation.

Is there a Frozen party in your future? If so click, through for the tutorial.
(I've got a "Frozen Birthday" version of this inviation too if the tea party isn't your plan.)

(Cricut Explore Tutorial)

You'll need:

Import the .svg files (or open the projects) within Cricut Design Space. The elements within the file are already grouped for you. You can simple press "Go" to get the Mat Preview.

Select the number you would like to print, place the cardstock on the cutting mat and go!

To assemble the invitation sleeve, use the cut-out guides to score lines for folding using a ruler and a bone folder or the blunt edge of the scissors. Score the division between the front and back (shown above), the bottom flap and the side flap of the invite sleeve.

Apply glue to the sleeve flaps, and fold and stick to assemble. I recommend having the side flap folded inside the sleeve while the bottom flap is folded up on the outside so it is easier to insert the invitation into the sleeve.

Score and fold in half the invitation. Print out  inner cards measuring 4.25"x6.25" with the invitation details and insert it into the slots cut into the invitation.

You're all set. Slide the invitation into the art deco sleeve and mail those invitations!

Disclaimer: Cricut provided me with a Cricut Explore machine and invited me to participate in their Design Space Star competition. This post contains affiliate links, for which I receive a small commission for each purchase to offset my costs. The opinions expressed here are genuine based on my experience. I only review products I use and believe in.

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