Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FYI: Kid's Clothes Week and Shop Discounts

Are you planning to sew next week during the Kid's Clothes Week Challenge? It's July 21-28 and I'm in! It's a lovely continuation to my past weeks of kids' clothes sewing! I'm so hooked. Not that it's much of a new thing but I've been in a groove of sewing quick, casual summer clothes for them. Every day clothes rather than Sunday dresses. I'll be getting back to the Sunday dresses (my first love) but first there's the challenge next week.
You can sign up to sew along on the KCW website.

And to help you compile your to-sew list, I'm offering discounts in both my Etsy shops from now through the 27th. You can take 20% whatever you have your heart set on. All the sewing patterns in my Wee Muses Etsy shop, and all of the patterns and printables (why not?) in my Aesthetic Nest Etsy Shop.

Just use the code KCWSUMMER

One code. Two shops. All the stuff.


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