Monday, November 21, 2011

Design: Thankful Notes

I have been meaning to send out thank you notes (these are part of my Woodland Picnic printables) to the family who came to Scarlett's birthday party and my intentions have just been intentions for long enough that it is now the week of Thanksgiving. And then I thought, why not send thankful notes instead, and rather than simply thanking them for celebrating and gift-giving, thank them for being in our family?

My mother once sent out cards at Thanksgiving instead of Christmas and included a beautiful letter about gratitude. This gesture isn't quite as large, but I'm sending a simple note this week to thank my family for surrounding us with their love and support every day of the year. We are especially thankful for that.


Tori said...

Such a great idea! And those thank you notes are adorable!

CBH said...

Such a nice idea. This reminds me on how guilty I feel, I have to send a bunch of thank-you cards that just never make it to the top of my priority list.

Well done on getting them out in a thankful week.


Angel said...

Simply beautiful! Do you design the cards yourself, or do you get them offline somewhere?
I love what your mother did! I would have loved to have received a letter like that from someone... how sweet!

Anneliese said...

@Angel: Thank you! These notes are part of my Woodland Picnic printables.

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