Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crochet: Simple Kerchief (Tutorial)

My friend Liz is a baker of wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other celebratory confections and when she bakes the flour and fondant fly. I have picked up cupcakes from her house and she has delivered decorated cookies on giant jelly roll sheets and whenever I see her in baking mode she is wearing a cute cotton kerchief over her hair. It makes sense from a practical standpoint to keep the hair covered, but more than that, it has struck me as cute! Really cute!

I almost made a matching kerchief to go with the Dirndl Skirt I made for Scarlett this Spring, but didn't. Mostly because I finished the skirt about ten minutes before our airport shuttle arrived. But kerchiefs have been on the brain, and they just collided with crochet! I hope this project doesn't fall into the category of strange crochet items made only by those with too much time to spare--things like toilet paper cozies. It may be bordering a bit on kitsch but I am liking the crochet kerchief!

I also thought it would be the perfect practice item for those learning to crochet with my how-to series on TipJunkie. A simple kerchief!

But. My first try at this (the chartreuse version below) was not so simple. I have been crocheting a long time and found myself a bit bothered by the pattern I set up. I think it looks fun--open and kind of ropey--and certainly a good lightweight pick for the summer. But it involves a number of stitch changes and a lot of working into chain stitches, which slows it down a bit. And the different height of the rows (because of the different height of the stitches) made it more difficult than I'd planned to get the desired triangular shape. After fiddling with it for two days (not straight mind you, I do have three wee ones at home) I decided it's more appropriate for intermediate crochet.

Then last night I tried again. And a couple hours later I had it! A simple double crochet kerchief. That's more like it! Sometimes I guess you have to tackle a few problems for something to get easy. That's my life lesson for the day! But on to the project!

I have two tutorials to share. This first is the "Simple Kerchief" shown in pink. This is worked from the bottom up. You start at the point and work double crochet rows increasing at each end to make this lovely symmetrical triangle. I'm trying to remember my geography; I think it's an equilateral triangle, but maybe it's an isosceles... It's great practice for double crochet and increasing with easy single crochet edging to finish. I will post a separate tutorial for the flower embellishment. It's simple too.

The second tutorial is for the "Not-so-Simple Kerchief."

So what do you think? Crochet kerchiefs. Love 'em or hate 'em or waiting to see? Scarlett seems a bit unsure in this photo but I promise she had some fun wearing it.

Click to read more and view the Simple Kerchief tutorial. Click here for the Not-so-Simple Kerchief tutorial.


One size fits most!

Beginner Project

I will provide step by step photos but if  you are just learning to crochet please refer to my how-to series for photo and video tutorials on the stitches.

A note about sizing: This kerchief measures 10" long and 12" wide (before the ties) with 6" ties on either side. I have found it works on just about anyone--my 2 1/2 year old, my sister, me! If you'd like to adjust the size you can add rows before the ties beginning on row 17 or start the ties a row or two earlier. One of the advantages of crochet and this project in particular is that you can see the size you're getting as you work and gauge if it will fit.

  • 1 skein worsted weight cotton yarn (I used Lily Sugarn' Cream)
  • "I" crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends (this has a large eye and a blunt point)
TO MAKE: (tip: count your stitches as you go and you'll be less likely to miss one in a row)

Chain 4.

Row 1: Turn and beginning with the 2nd chain from the hook, work 3 single crochet. Chain 2.

Row 2:  (The ch-2 you just made counts as the first double crochet here and in all other rows). Turn. Work 1 dc in the same stitch as turning chain (you have just made one increase dc). Work 1 dc in the next stitch. Work 2 dc in the last sc (you have just worked another increase dc!). (You should  have 5 dc on this row.)

Row 3: Ch 2. Turn. Work 1 dc in the same stitch. Work 1 dc in the next three dc. Work 2 dc in the top of the turning chain. (7 dc)

Row 4: Ch 2. Turn. Work 1 dc in the same stitch. Work 1 dc in the next five dc. Work 2 dc in the top of the turning chain (I've highlighted the top of the turning chain in the photo below--it's marked with a white pin). (9 dc)

Continue in this pattern increasing two stitches at the ends of each row until you finish the 17th row. You should have 35 dc.

From the end of this 17th row chain 12 to begin the tie.

Row 18: Turn and starting in the third chain from the hook, work 10 dc back towards kerchief.

Work 35 dc across. Chain 12.

Row 19: Turn and work 10 dc back towards kerchief. Work 35 dc across. Work 10 dc across tie. Chain 2.

Row 20: Turn and work 55 dc. (You should have a tie on one side with two rows of dc and a tie on the other with three rows of dc, which we are just about to even out...)

Chain 1. Do not turn your work but instead work 4 single crochet along the end of the tie. Chain 2. Work 10 dc along the backside of the tie toward the kerchief. After working the last dc join to kerchief with a sc at the top of the dc row adjacent.

Work sc along the edge of the kerchief towards the point working two sc in the ends of each dc row.

When you reach the point, where your starting slip knot is, ch 1 and turn around the slip knot to work sc down the opposite edge.

When you reach the tie single crochet along it to the end.

From the end chain stitch 12 and turn.

Starting with the second chain from your hook work 7 sc back towards the tie. Then chain 5.

Attach the chain to the opposite corner of the tie end with a single crochet.

Work single crochet along the front of the tie and kerchief all the way to the end of the other tie. Chain 12. Turn and work 7 sc back towards the tie. Chain 5. Attach chain to the back corner of the tie with a slip stitch.

(To work a slip stitch: insert the hook in the stitch as you would to sc, yarn over...

...pull the yarn through the stitch and the loop on the hook at once. You will have just one loop, your working loop, left on the hook.)

 Fasten off. (Cut your yarn, yarn over the hook and pull the tail through. Tighten to form a knot.)

Weave in ends. (See this post for a how-to on weaving in.)

Embellish with a crocheted flower if you'd like. I'll have a tutorial for the one I made soon...


Nooly said...

love it!!!! i make fabric ones, but these are so very cute! waiting patiently for the other kerchief tute....

my4lilgirls said...

OOOOH! that is just beautiful, will def try one my daughter Ella would love it, its so girly!
Karen :)

Quinn's mom said...

Love it....thanks!

Lizzy said...

I think it is darling! The last unit I taught my 5th graders was a geometry unit. An isosceles triangle has two sides that are the same size while an equilateral triangle has all sides are equal.

generationSue said...

I was just thinking about finding a tutorial for this exact thing! Thank you so much for the tutorial! You can see the one I made here:
Happy summer!

Sandy said...

Wow Anneliese, These are Gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

Love it, definitely! :) They are both so cute!! I want to make matching ones for my girlie and me.

Abbey said...

Very cute! I wish I knew how to crochet! What is that cute fabric in the background? It goes great with those colors of the kerchief!

Anneliese said...

@Abbey: The fabric is from Sandi henderson's "Meadowsweet" line for Michael Miller--so cute and summery. Thanks for the comment!

The mum of all trades said...

so pretty! and your model is a pretty girl too. i am still a beginner at crochet, but I would love to try this for my own little girl.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this quick and easy pattern! I think I'll give the other on a shot as well!

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial! The pattern was great. I really enjoyed making one for my daughter. I posted pictures on my blog if you want to see.

Thanks again! Love your blog :)

Tricia Suko said...

This is exactly what I've been looking for! I wear kerchiefs while testing in the lab, and I'm trying to get my little girl to get into wearing them. This might be it! I'm still new to the crocheting world, so this will be fun to try.

Debs said...

I love your blog! I first found it when I was searching for a baby crochet cloche pattern, and google came up with your blog, I love the hat, it is adorable, as are your girls! :)

bre said...

OMG!!! These are tooo cute! I love wareing these but can never get a fabric one to fit proper! Ill deff be maing one of these supper cute! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

My 8-year old granddaughter has a lot of hair! This will look great on her.

sandra said...

Thanks for sharing this tutorial :)

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