Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sewing: Luxe Baby Blanket

I've had this minky sitting in my stash drawer for a few months, ever since doing the Luxe Loveys, intending to make a blanket for Tess. Truth be told, I have supplies for a few blankets sitting the drawer...but this made it out because it seemed like the perfect thing to wrap around Tess during our family photo session last weekend. While I used a different blanket in the official photos it was cold enough that I was relieved to have this one to double up in-between. I think Tess was relieved too.

New hat, new blanket...what more could a baby girl want?

This blanket is a generous size: 45x60 inches. I wanted something on which she could do a lot of rolling around. Something she could cuddle with for a nap when she's a bit older. It's pretty great! I wish I had one large enough for myself.

I made it just like the Luxe Loveys, only larger. It took two packages of blanket binding to make it all the way around.

Enjoy it little Tess! (By the way, she seems to be enjoying her sisters' hand-me-downs. Ok, Mom is enjoying them. It's so nice to see things like this little layette worn again.)


Julia said...

The blanket turned out beautifully . I love the color and will keep this idea for a niece or nephew coming soon. I am definitely trying your cut chenille blanket, too. I really enjoy your ideas!!


PS: Baby Tess is so darling:).

Sharon said...

What a beautiful little girl! The blanket is very lovly too!

Unknown said...

gorgeous photos! and I love the orange and purple colour combination in the blanket. so fresh looking!

@jenhalloran said...

Love the blanket -- cool, surfer-chick on the front, wild animal on the back. Gorgeous photo of you and your babe, too. (And my favorite thing? Tess's adorably fuzzy head.)

Sweeter Hours said...

I love those colors together! Such a cute little baby :)

dana said...

oh that looks soooooo cozy and warm. Beautiful pic of you and Tess

Our Seven Dwarfs said...

You have fantastic ideas! We especially love your crocheted items. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas. We love your blog so we awarded you the "Stylish Blogger Award." Please follow the link to get the details.

Shannon & Jill of Our Seven Dwarfs

Ashley S. said...

I recently found your blog and am in love with it!! You are seriously so talented! I hope to become more like you one day (I can only hope!)

I have a quick question and I really hope you can help because I haven't the slightest clue. And no, googling online probably confused me more than it helped.

What is a good sewing machine to invest in that will hopefully last me years??? I have hand sewn before so I guess I'm a beginner on the machine but I definitely want something more than just basic. Any ideas or recommendations? I'm itching to sew again so if you could please write back, I would so appreciate it!

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