Monday, January 10, 2011

Knitting: Tess in Neapolitan

Do you know how it is when there are so many ideas and desires swirling around in your head that you are quite paralyzed, not knowing where to begin? That's my January so far. I am actually trying to stay focused on a sweater for Audrey, which has been on my list for some time, but I also feel like I need to get everything else out of my head and on paper and prioritized so I don't remain randomized. But since I haven't yet gone through that exercise completely, I thought it might help to take a little break from the creating and enjoy something I made long ago. When my to-do list is really long it is nice to remember what's already been done!

So here is sweet Tess in a sweater I knit so long ago for her older sister, Audrey. This is likely the second complete sweater I ever knitted. I made it after finishing this first sweater for Audrey. I altered the pattern a bit by skipping the hood and felt quite clever about it but at the same time felt this effort was so humble that it wasn't really worth recording. No blog post about it. 

Maybe because Audrey wore it, and Scarlett after her, I love it so much now! It is a rather humble little project and the patterning is a bit strange with the yarn I chose, but I love the Neapolitan colors and I love the timeframe it represents: when I was expecting my first (long anticipated) baby. Though I am on to more ambitious things now,  I wonder if they'll mean as much to me as this little cotton cardigan?


Molly said...

I feel the same way about my projects! There are so many to do before our first baby gets here that I am just overwhelmed by them all.

I LOVE that sweater!!! I love the color palette and the way it works together. What an absolute cutie-pie!

Jess said...

wow wish I could knit! She sure is adorable in that mama made sweater! I feel the same way with project indecision. Oh well!

Emily said...

That is a stunning picture. What a lovely little girl!

Neicee said...

Your daughter is just precious...I am currently knitting a top down cardigan..Learning so much..I love this sweater! I think it may be easier than the cardigan I am making I need to check into it!

Jennifer said...

So adorable ... and yummy -- love those ice-creamy colors against her skin! Am experiencing a bit of January paralysis as well, but I've promised myself to snap out of it by Friday.



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