Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sewing: "Flirty Fiesta" Oilcloth Tablecloths

It seems just about every outdoor occassion is more fun with an oilcloth tablecloth! They are perfect for spreading over picnic tables in the park. I made a polka dot one for my first daughter's first birthday. Made some more last year. And, now I've decided I certainly can't have a fiesta without the characteristic Mexican oilcloth tablecloths.

So I have been hunting for the perfect oilcloth pattern. I wanted something in the Mexican tradition, but I also wanted a color palette that appealed to me--something flirty and fun. I found it in this fabulous Zoya pattern. I love it! I think it must be brand new because I have done a ton of oilcloth browsing over the past few years and don't remember seeing it. I found it at Mendel's, a great oilcloth resource. Could the colors be better? 

I'm using 60" round tables for the party, so these will be table toppers with tablecloths underneath. Last time I made an oilcloth splatmat I decided I really like a simple seam binding edging, and rickrack, which I love and have used in the past, seemed to 1950s for this party theme. So seam binding it is. I used turquoise, school bus yellow and orange.

This project was so quick. I had all six finished in about two hours. Just cut the oilcloth into 47" squares and used the double-fold seam binding to finish. The slowest part was mitering the corners.

So here they are: my "flirty fiesta" tablecloths. I'm excited about using them to add color to the party.


Amy @ OurScoop said...

Your pace is just killing me! You are a champ! Love the oil cloth and seem binding! Lots of fun.
Thanks again for the fabric tips! I found some cute wide pink stripe fabric to use as bed skirts at Home Fabrics. I can't wait to get going on that project!

Joanne said...

Love these! So bright and cheery!

Ros said...

Love, love love! The colors, the pattern, the binding, everything. Great work!

kaysi fox said...

thanks for the sweet comments! your blog is amazing!!!!!!! i am so adding you to my google reader!

aimee said...

Love the oil cloth print. It's going to be perfect for your party!

Kelly said...

I have shared your great party and tablecloths with my readers at the Oilcloth Addict blog. Thanks for the inspiration, after seeing these I had to order the Zoya print for my etsy shop.

Anonymous said...

You got it going on!

Anonymous said...

I've just spent the afternoon looking at your blog. It's amazing! You've given me so much inspiration for my own creations. Feel free to check out my website also (it's in it's modest beginnings): www.missktonline.com

I'll be checking in regularly!!!
Sydney, Australia



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