Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crochet: Belle Scarf Embellished Sweater

I had such great plans for these colorful sweaters from Target. But I just have not cranked through the projects as I hoped. I think I didn't start early enough with my Fall stuff. I was having too much fun sewing this summer. Not that I regret it.

Well I did finally get a second of these sweaters embellished: the great avocado colored one.

I thought it would be cute to do with this curly scarf, the Belle Scarf, from LionBrand. Even better, I suddenly had a blank hour in my morning with one girl asleep and the other entertained and I found the perfect shade of green yarn, a full skein, in my stash. (Was for a granny square afghan but I can replace it.) The pattern is designed for Homespun yarn but mine was a worsted weight and it turned out just fine. I didn't change a thing.

I'm not a big scarf person, really. I admire those who can wear them well. My six-foot sister always has something fun wrapped around her neck. But I can do this. I love the tone-on-tone colors--I tend to gravitate towards monotones.
This was such a fast fun project. Would be perfect to give as Christmas gifts next year...

1 comment:

Michelle G said...

I'm going to give this a try, it is delicious!

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