Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sewing: Sweaters as a Starting Point

I picked up these gorgeously colored sweaters at Target this week and returned a couple, more expensive and not quite right sweaters I'd ordered online. I love the weight of these sweaters--almost like wearing a t-shirt but a bit more cozy. And I love the extra length of ribbing on the sleeves and long length in the body.

I thought I would embellish these to make them even more fun. I don't accessorize very well--rarely wear jewelry--so I like the idea of built in accessories. I plan to do pink-on-pink crochet, felted flowers for the raspberry colored sweater, similar green crochet flowers for the green one(looks like I'll have some great chartreuse colored yarn leftover from a current sweater project), I'm hoping to find aqua colored sheer fabric of some type to make ruffles on the sleeves of the blue, and I'm not sure what is the in store for the burnt orange sweater.

Great ideas, no? Let's hope I can get to it. Working on a chartreuse sweater for myself that is taking a while... Also have the Christmas outfits planned for the girls, which involve sweaters for each, and I have some sewing in the works. Hmmm. Buying a sweater is easier than embellishing... I am full of vision and never seem to find the adequate time to execute!

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