Friday, November 6, 2009

Room Design: A Little Fall Indoors

I never do a lot of seasonal decorating throughout the year--maybe change a centerpiece on the dining table or hang some different towels in the kitchen--I just haven't figured out exactly how I'd like to do something like Halloween (how to do something a bit contemporary and large enough to have impact in our very open floorplan) and it's only recently that we've had little people around to get excited about holiday decorations.

My favorite approach is to bring something in from the garden. We used to have large Laurel bushes by our front door, which I would occassionally trim and create big arrangements of the fresh greens to put on our dining table. The bushes are gone now so I have to find a good substitute this spring.

This Fall for the first time I noticed the tiny crabapples on our crabapple tree. My father had been advising me to top off the tree and encourage broader branching so in time for our family photos last week I topped it off and "replanted it" within the picture frame. Nice little trick I thought. I had an indoor arrangement in mind and this afternoon finally cut the branches and brought them in doors. I love this big wild looking arrangement. It's the perfect seasonal touch-- a little color, a little nature, and large enough to be noticed in my entry. I hope it lasts a few weeks.

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