Monday, December 22, 2008

Crochet: Shell Scarf Christmas Gifts for my Sisters

I needed to be more realistic about the number of handmade gifts I give for Christmas this year, especially since I am only supposed to be giving according to the family name I drew. But, I just love giving gifts and feel it isn't really cheating if the gift is handmade, instead of purchased, and relatively small. So I have found the perfect thing! These long, thin, shell scarves. I found the pattern in an email from Joann. They crochet super fast. They are also the perfect way to get rid of some of my yarn stash--such a relief to find something to do with most of a skein. I've found this pattern works with any worsted weight yarn. Even did a slightly heavier yarn--a fabulous fluffy fuschia--and it worked, just required a hunt for another skein.

I saw these e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Tins in a magazine and loved them--remind me of the ones I used when I was in gradeschool--so I bought some (only $1!) to package with the scarves for an extra girlie gift. They smell great, and it was fun to pick coordinating hues.

Hopefully my sisters will love these. They all wear scarves well and this seems an easy accessory because it can be looped loosely a couple times or even worn as a belt. It was fun to find the perfect colors--a pale sea green for Angela, a grass green for Christine and the fuschia for Sarah. Can't wait for Christmas!


Unknown said...

Hello, I just ran across your blog and I LOVE IT!! Beautiful work you do!!

Do you happen to have this scarf pattern saved? I tried pulling it up on Joanns website but it is no longer available.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!

Anneliese said...

Crystal, I had someone else tell me this was no longer available too, so I Googled the name of the pattern and found this PDF still hosted at Joann! Here's the link: Such a great pattern. I'll update in my post too.

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