Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Announcements

I love so much the printed word--fine press books, cards, letter press... I took a letterpress class in college and it was perhaps the best thing I did there. I wish I had time to do it myself--make some books, cards, even posters.

In any event, because I love all things printed, it is difficult to make a decision about birth announcements. I want them to be perfect, classic and beautiful, like my newborn baby girl. I had a great local press make these for me, Mandate Press.

This was the announcement they created for Audrey (with photo taken by her father.)

(Audrey is wearing a dress crocheted for my mother, by my grandmother--how great is that?!)

My good friend and talented creative director, Brian Deaver, designed Scarlett's announcement for me. I didn't want to combine Scarlett's announcement with a Christmas greeting but I decided to do a combined mailing of separate cards because it just made sense. So Brian designed and Mandate printed a Christmas card in the same font and size.

So here is Scarlett's announcement:

And, her beautiful announcement photo taken by her father (I crocheted her layette a few months ago).

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