Monday, August 18, 2008

Room Design: Audrey's Big Girl Room

Audrey's "Big Girl Room" is finally put together and she is so excited about it! We'll see if she actually sleeps in her big girl bed, which is a queen, because we had the mattresses and the space in the room, so why not? I found this headboard in our local want ads listing for $20! I think it is so great! I hauled it home and we painted it a red lacquer to match the armoire (Rust-Oleum --my favorite for low effort high impact painting!).

Not a lot has changed since her crib was here. I found more of the fabrics used in her crib bedding (I love them!) and made the duvet cover, shams, bed skirt and polka dot pillow cases. I can't believe I didn't think of buying more fabric originally since the chair is covered to match so I felt really luck to still find it.

I found the bedside bookcase on, surprisingly. I think it's great for the space and balances the wide bed. Plus there is plenty of room for bedtime stories.

This rug is from Anthropologie. I was so happy to find it. I know you are supposed to start a room with the floor, including rug, but it was one of the last things I decided on and it was difficult to find something to work with the other patterns. I lucked out. Plus it's a soft wool--great for little bare feet.

This side table isn't new but I thought it deserved a close up. I love it. Found it at The Company Store when I was doing Audrey's nursery. It was white and my husband painted it red. He did the professional job on it with lots of steel wool sanding so it's a great finish. I love the curviness. It was a fun foil to the Jenny Lind crib Audrey used.

This built in closet is all new and it is a dream! I am so excited about it. Previously this space was a couple hinged doors and one clothing rod--not at all a good use of space. Now we have 36" deep drawers for clothes and toys, and I have double hung closet space. I decided to add the cubbies above rather than have a top shelf inside the closet or hang the rods too high to reach. I think it's nice to have a little display area and will work well as bookshelves when Audrey is older.

This little collection of things includes my matroyshka, which my parents brought me from Romania when I was 5 or 6, an antique teapot that was my mothers, and this funny glass bunny I found in a card store of all places--good colors for the room.

My parents bought these Hans Christian Andersen prints in Denmark when we were living in Germany and they were always hung somewhere in our home. I like giving them a spot in Audrey's room and they've proved useful for bedtime--she has me sing songs about them, which I can never remember the same way twice, but she just corrects me.
This lamp base is from Urban Outfitters and I finally found a shade to fit at Pottery Barn Kids. I added the pom pom trim.

And this is my "Barberini Bee" from a series I painted in college. I did them with blue and beige backgrounds too, and those are hanging in my sister's home. I saw this bee as a bas relief on the base of a sculpture during my Italy art history trip and loved it. I still love the form. Sometime I'll do some more.


Heather (Igmom) said...


I love the closet idea. How wide is that closet. Did you do it yourself or have someone do it for you.

Thank you for your help.

Anneliese said...

@Heather: I had the closets professionally installed--though a friend of mine did it herself with standard sized kitchen cabinets. I think each bank is 34" wide. The drawers are extra deep--36" I think. I absolutely love these! So functional.

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