Friday, November 2, 2007

Painting: Landscape with Cows

I decided to switch it up a bit last class with a landscape with cows in it. I think I took this photo somewhere near Flaming Gorge. I took a lot of photos of bovine landscapes for a while--I liked the look.

This is another little 8"x10". One thing I've decided is that I don't enjoy a composition with a lot of detail at this size! It is too hard. It drove me crazy trying to get the right amount of detail on these little cows. I don't have small enough brushes and I would rather paint with bigger strokes. It's not that I wanted this to be a detailed miniature but I had a difficult time figuring out the right amount of detail. I should say I haven't figured it out.

My favorite part of the painting are the wispy dark clouds in the upper left. I also like the color palette--the dusty purples and subdued yellows and greens. So that's something at least!

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