Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crochet: Vintage Looking Crochet Skirt

Contrary to form, I decided to make something for myself. I saw this skirt pattern in a Family Circle Easy Crochet magazine a few years ago--a magazine I bought, tossed a few months later thinking I wasn't going to do anything with the patterns, and then had to rebuy--what was I thinking?! I must have been pregnant when I tossed it. It is a fabulous collection of patterns. I was lucky to find it online.

So, mag in hand, I was able to try this fun skirt. I haven't done much with crochet in the pattern department so it was a fun little challenge. It went much more quickly than I expected. Makes me want to tackle more complication, it seems to make the project go by more quickly.

Luckily I had the perfect brown skirt to wear under this. Otherwise I would have had to whip something up.

I worried a tiny bit that this skirt was over the top. At a minimum it isn't super flattering, wearing a heavily patterned sweater around the hips, but it is really fun to wear! Nice and swingy. And I received compliments from some unlikely places--people who don't really take note of what I'm wearing.

We'll see how much I wear this. I'm thinking it will at least be a fun dress up or Halloween costume down the line for Audrey.


tu-ki-mu said...

great job! how long did it?

Anneliese said...

How long did it take? Oh, I don't know... It was a while ago and I hadn't been crocheting that long (in fact, I didn't follow the pattern correctly for about the first third of it--was crocheting in the wrong space. But I do remember thinking it went pretty quickly--good sized yarn and a loose pattern. I should start keeping track of hours because it would be interesting to know afterwards!

~Blue said...

your crochet items are stunning... currently the baby/little girl cloches are a BIG hit amongst my friends :) Some are opting to put big crafted sil flower clips on them rather than a crocheted flower but in my opinion I LOVE the vintage feel to them. :) Thanks so much for sharing!

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