Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sewing: Boho Drawstring Dress from Burda

Oh where did the summer go? I'm still around, but blogging is definitely not at the top of my list. I miss sewing and sharing, but I've been deck deep in other creative projects (interior design). I'll share some of that soon because it's been really fun. But it's been important to save time for the things that really matter: my family.

But I decided to hop on the blog for a few minutes to share something I did sew this summer. An easy little dress from Burda #6732. As I've mentioned before, I think dresses are the only way to go in the summer. You've just got one decision to make and you can throw it on! 

This isn't the most figure-flattering but it is comfortable!

I found these great boho cotton prints at the going-out-of-business Hancock Fabrics and used some velvet ribbon for the tie. You can't see them through the grass but I think this dress was perfect with some camel leather clogs. In fact it will take me right into Fall.

Hope you are all doing well and finding time for creative things!


Bari Jo said...

Love this! Looking forward to seeing your interior design projects too! So glad you are getting family time! They grow up way too fast - grab every moment!

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