Monday, January 18, 2016

Sewing: Quilted Floral Front Sweatshirt (McCall's M6992)

When we visited San Francisco last year I managed a quick trip to Britex Fabrics where I spied this beautiful quilted photo floral fabric in their remnants section. It was still a splurge so I only bought half a yard. And this past weekend, thanks to some fantastic eggplant french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, I finally sewed with it.

These two fabrics paired together perfectly for a dressy sweatshirt (that is a legitimate, though contradictory description, right?). I used McCall's pattern M6992 and it was such a quick project. I simply cut two of the front piece--one from the french terry and the other from the quilted. In fact I'm anxious to find a fun plaid to front another sweatshirt.

And I have enough of these two gorgeous fabrics left that one of my girls may end up with a dress or tunic. Just hunting for the perfect pattern given that this quilted fabric doesn't have any stretch.

Happy MLK Monday!


Sandra Henderson said...

Hello. I don't usually comment, but do subscribe and receive your posts. I've enjoyed them for the past several (gosh!, now time flies... I think it's been five or more? Could it be?)years. I had to comment on this! It's so pretty! Wouldn't that make a pretty vest? I'm always behind... It seems vests have been in, but I'm traditionalist; so they are always in.

I'm a quilters, needlepoint, you name it.., busy with hands. Had an interior design business for 15 years with my own workroom for upholstery, slip overs, draperies, etc. I give you this information only to comment;
What IS it about textiles?!?! So appealing.
This one reminds me of a needlepoint. Do you do that? Love the plum color.

Keep on sewing and creating and raising those lovely girls. Not sure where you live... Stay warm. I'm in the smokey mountains of North Carolina. I moved here from Cumberland island, Georgia a few years ago after I lost my husband. I use to have a blog, The Cumberland Island Quilt Chick. I closed it after our life estate ended and we moved off. I think of starting of another. Time will tell.

Sandra Henderson said...


I have been looking for a pattern for a nightgown, to use lawn type fabrics for summer. What is a good resource for patterns? I want to sew some summer skirts also. You've inspired me to do this.

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Well done.

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