Sunday, July 26, 2015

Craft: Rainbow Boho Tassel Necklace DIY (Tutorial)

I've been loving the Boho tassel necklace trend and thought making a rainbow version would be the perfect way to celebrate my friend, Katy Dill, on her birthday. Katy is a compulsive rainbow-tizer. Just one of the many ways she creates art and beauty in her life. No doubt you are a fan of hers too.

Skirt Fixation organized this virtual birthday party for Katy and I am so happy to be among the other creative women wishing Katy the best. Katy certainly brings joy to those around her as well as farflung virtual friends lucky enough to get a glimpse into her world. I especially enjoy her photographic eye and her appreciation for the teaching moments and beauty we should cherish in our lives.
This tassel necklace is so simple to make! It's seriously a fifteen minute project (assuming you start with a simple beaded necklace). It would be great for a kids craft too! Maybe as a party favor at a Rainbow Birthday Party.

I'm going to love wearing it with a simple black and white outfit (coincidentally, another favorite palette of Katy's) and Scarlett has already asked if she can wear it with the Rainbow Wrap Skirt I made a few years ago.

Want to make one? I've got the tutorial after the jump.


To make this beautiful necklace you'll need: (affiliate links follow)

To make the tassels, remove the paper from your floss, pull one of the strands out so it's about 8" long, and then fold the whole bundle in half over the stretch cord between two beads. I started with the center of the rainbow, green.

Take the length of floss you pulled out and wrap it tightly around the bundle of floss, closee to the stretchy cord.

Then tie a square, or double, knot with the end around one of the strands in the tassel to secure. Tie this knot to the back of the tassel so it's inconspicuous.

Repeat with the other colors of the rainbow working out from the green, R-O-Y-G-B-I-V. I liked the spacing of the tassels with two beads between.

Now the fun part! Trim your tassels. I cut mine about an inch long.

Enjoy your new necklace!

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No Big Dill said...

Thanks, Anneliese. That was such a fun surprise. I felt spoiled rotten :)

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