Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sewing: Tropical Maxi Lady Skater Dress

Predictably, our weather is changing from cooler than normal to warmer than I'd  like. So time to get serious about summer apparel. The past month of Me Made May (#mmmay15 and #memademay15) had me wearing more of the things I've sewn, and most of those are dresses. Dresses are so easy! And cool. Just take one off the hanger, put on some shoes and you are set. 

So I decided to sew another. This project had me revisiting the Lady Skater Dress pattern from Kitchy Coo. I first made one last summer and the camouflage, elbow sleeve maxi dress is one of my favorites!  

Given the rise in temperature I went for short sleeves. I thought about using the original skater skirt and lengthening it for this version, since I love the maxi length, but I chickened out and decided to stick with modifications I'd made the first time. So I sewed a gathered long skirt and added elongated patch pockets. 

 Pockets are key. Something to do with my hands.

The "Vintage Palm Screen" knit fabric is from Girl Charlee. I love the blue, and the tropical motif! The fabric is pretty lightweight, so to be sure it wasn't sheer I used a lightweight off-white knit of unknown origin as a self lining for the dress, bodice and sleeves. (I just cut out identical bodice, sleeve and skirt pieces and stacked them on the wrong side of the dress fabric as I was sewing.) Hopefully the dress will still be cool this summer. It was a bit of a gamble with that lining fabric.

But wait! Summer! I'm so happy it's here! Even if it's hot, I'm excited for swimming, hiking, some vacations and less-busy days. Hope you are too.


Emily said...

So gorgeous on you! Lovely pictures too! I have a lady skater bodice cut out but haven't been able to sew it up yet.

Jane said...

Just beautiful and I love your maxi-length and pockets mods, particularly. Best version of this pattern I've seen!

Celina said...

This is gorgeous, you are gorgeous! You are making me want to sew for myself. And I agree with Jane, best version yet! Beautiful!

Dotted Whale said...

Love it!

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