Friday, June 6, 2014

Sewing: Striped Strawberry Nessie Dress for Summer

Ah, summer! I'm so excited about a change of pace. I have big ambitions, now that I feel more in control of our schedules, for activities (swimming, etc.) and "enrichment" (daily reading, etc.).

And I'm also excited about sewing some summer wardrobes. I'm on quite a roll! Nicely timed for #madeforkidsmonth sponsored by Rae and Liesl

You may have noticed I gravitate towards sewing Sunday dresses. This is because the value seems to make more sense (once you purchase the materials and add your time) compared to something I would buy, and because they are treated more carefully so they can be passed down. Though I haven't really thought about it, it likely also has to do with the fact that my mother sewed all my dresses, but I don't remember her sewing my play clothes.

Well, I'm flopping my sewing ratio this summer in favor of play clothes! I've realized there is something so satisfying about having one of the girls pull out from her drawer something I've sewn for her and wear it to play, without any encouragement from me.

Case in point is this knit SOLEIL Dress I sewed for Scarlett a few weeks ago. She seriously wears it a few times a week!

Scarlett loves wearing dresses, especially if they are in a comfortable knit. So here's another knit dress for her this summer. This striped strawberry dress is a riff on CINO's Nessie Top Pattern. I was cutting out a bunch of the tops (stay tuned...) when I thought her color-blocked version would make a really cute dress! I just love an empire waist.

So I lengthened the top, preserving the hi-lo hem, and added some extra fullness so I could create gathers in the center of the front and back skirt. I also made elbow length sleeves because I'm loving that length lately.

The strawberry knit is of course Heather Ross Briar Rose Jersey and the green and white striped lyrca knit fabric is from this Etsy shop. They are both incredibly soft!

Rather than being passed down, the things I'm sewing this summer may just get worn out. Which would be fabulous!


Anonymous said...

Muy original y cómodo, aún recuerdo que eran los vestidos cómodos los que me gustaban en mi infancia y que orgullo que te los haya cosido tu madre. Un besito desde Sevilla, Ani.

Anneliese said...

@Ani: Thank you so much for your sweet comments.

Shelly @ Coral + Co. said...

I just made my first nessie tops a few weeks ago and I love this pattern! Your version is so cute. Love the strawberries!

Kelly said...

This is so cute Anneliese! Looks like she had fun in that awesome tall grass as well!

dana said...

cute! Totally reminds me of childhood

Anonymous said...

I do love this color combo - and play clothes are so rewarding to sew (mostly because they are so much-loved and worn).

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