Friday, February 21, 2014

Prairie Rose Pattern Tour: Max California

Will you look at this little beauty? Such a sweet girl. And in such a pastoral scene! Someone needs to hurry up and write a children's book about her. This is of course the daughter or Max, as in Max California. (And if you want to know her given name and her second alter ego you'll have to read about it here.)

Max sewed not just this adorable tribal print Prairie Rose Maxi Skirt, but another as well, in a beautiful blue calico with vintage lace trim. Looks straight off a romantic farm. You have to go see! I want to be there in person!

Thank you so much, Max! I can't get over your beautiful work and pictures...  (The Maxi Skirt pattern is part of my Prairie Rose Set Pattern, which also include a blouse, skirt and pants.)

1 comment:

ari said...

I'm glad you liked it anneliese ^_^

I am planning some cute thicker ones for winter!

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