Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back-to-School Bateaux: No Big Dill

I love that each of the talented women sewing Bateaux for the tour has such identifiable styles. Can't you guess who's who by the photos? This beauty is of course the work of Katy at No Big Dill. (The black and white stripes give it away!)

It's hard to know where to begin about Katy... She is so inventive. But if I could only describe her with one sentence I would probably say, "she is the child of artists." And for her, life is an art, and a gift she appreciates. Whether it be her amazing sewing (each work an original), or the way she designs and re-designs her home, or how she captures life with her beautiful family (love her inspiring Instagram stream), or, most importantly, her perspective on life and parenting. She is artful. And the things she creates are always beautiful. I've been so flattered to participate in her Once Upon a Thread series and have been gushing over her Alphabet Week sewing. Don't know which letter was my favorite last time... maybe "V." Can't believe her "B" for "Sew All 26" is a Bateau! Thank you, Katy. Wish I could get organized enough to sew all 26 myself but I'm going to love watching!

I love the way Katy cinched up the arms on her version of the Classic Bateau Neck Top with a strip of studded and grommetted leather. She's included such a fun tutorial for a bow necklace, too, to go along with "Bateau" and "B," of course! You can see it all here.

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No Big Dill said...

Oh, Anneliese. You do know how to flatter a girl. Thank you so much for your sincere words. xoxo.

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