Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crochet: Blue Picot and Lace Sweater for my Blue-Eyed Girl (Tutorial)

It's true--many of you recognized this countryside--we were fortunate enough to spend a couple weeks with our extended family in Tuscany, Italy.

Though we've been home over a week now it is still hard to believe! We had a fabulous time, and the rest of the year seems like it will be a breeze after all the preparations for a trip like that!

In addition to making certain the girls all had tennis shoes that fit (Superga no less...when in Italy...), and distractions for the plane, and that Tess had some solid foods that tasted familiar, I packed a couple projects for myself. I thought there could be a few hours with napping girls in which I could work on something while enjoying the view.

This blue sweater for Tess was one of the projects I worked on. After knitting the blue sweater for Scarlett I wanted a little blue cardigan for Tess to wear with her floral Ruffled Chemise. I just love this saturated blue color on little girls! Though this is a different yarn--KnitPicks Andean Treasure in "Sapphire Heather"--it is very similar to the "Sailor" yarn I used for Scarlett's sweater.

The pattern is based on Abigail Goss's "Picot and Lace Sweater Set" pattern for babies, which I used to make a heather grey layette for Tess while expecting her. I love this pattern but Tess has grown out of it so I revised it to fit a child six to twelve months old. (I have a tutorial for this upsided version below, after the jump.)

I made a little Picot and Lace Cloche (pattern here) to match the sweater. Though it was unseasonably warm in Tuscany, it's still a rather cool Spring here at home so I thought it might be cute and practical.

But it seems a bit of a shame to cover up her blonde fuzz-ball head, cute hat or not!

If you are interested in the tutorial for the sweater click through to read more.


(size 6-12 months)

**This pattern takes the free pattern designed by Abigail Goss of Crotiques and upsizes it with some revisions to fit a baby 6-12 months**


• 4 skeins KnitPicks Andean Treasure in Sapphire Heather (or another Sport weight yarn)

• Size J hook

• 4 ½” buttons

• Tapestry needle for weaving in ends


• Ch: Chain

• Sc: Single Crochet

• Hdc: Half Double Crochet

• Dc: Double Crochet

• Dsc: Decrease Single Crochet

• Sl st: Slip stitch


• V-stitch: dc-ch1-dc in same stitch

• Cluster stitch: 3 dc in same stitch

• Picot: sc-ch3-sl st in same stitch

  (To picot: sc, chain 3...)

(...and slip stitch in the same space)


Chain 43. Turn.

Round 1: Single crochet (sc) in second chain (ch) from hook and in each ch across. (42 sc). Ch 2, turn.

Round 2: Half double crochet (hdc) in first 2 sc, 2hdc in next sc (increase made). *Hdc in next 3 sc. 2 hdc in next sc.** Repeat from * to ** until last sc. Ch 2, turn. (52 hdc)

Round 3: Hdc in each hdc across. Ch 2, turn. (52 hdc)

Round 4: Hdc in next 3 hdc, 2hdc in next hdc. *Hdc in next 4 hdc, 2hdc in next hdc.** Repeat from * to ** until last hdc. Ch 2, turn. (62 hdc)

Round 5: Hdc in each hdc across. Ch 2, turn. (62 hdc)

Round 6: HDC in next 4 hdc, 2hdc in next hdc. *Hdc in next 5 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc.** .** Repeat from * to ** until last hdc. Ch 2, turn. (72 hdc)

Round 7: Hdc in each hdc across. Ch 2, turn. (72 hdc)

Round 8: HDC in next 5 hdc, 2hdc in next hdc. *Hdc in next 6 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc.** .** Repeat from * to ** until last hdc. Ch 2, turn. (82 hdc)

Round 9: Hdc in each hdc across. Ch 2, turn. (82 hdc)

Round 10: HDC in next 6 hdc, 2hdc in next hdc. *Hdc in next 7 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc.** .** Repeat from * to ** until last hdc. Ch 2, turn. (92 hdc)

Round 11: Hdc in each hdc across. Ch 2, turn. (92 hdc)

Round 12: Hdc in next 7 hdc, 2hdc in next hdc. *Hdc in next 8 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc.** .** Repeat from * to ** until last hdc. Ch 2, turn. (102 hdc)

BODY (forming armholes): note that the beginning chain counts as the first stitch on these rows

Round 13: Hdc in first 7 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 7 hdc. Chain 7. Skip next 19 hdc, Hdc in next 10 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 10 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, hdc in next 10 hdc. Chain 7. Skip next 19 hdc. Hdc in next 7 hdc, 2 hdc in next hdc, Hdc in next 8 hdc. Turn. (stitch count for this row: 17 hdc, 7 ch, 34 hdc, 7 ch, 17 hdc=82 stitches)

Round 14 (v-stitch round): Chain 3. Dc in next hdc, *sk next 2 hdc, v stitch in next hdc** repeat from * to ** 4 more times. V-stitch in 1st chain stitch of right armhole, sk 2 ch, v-stitch in next ch, sk 2 ch, v-stitch in next ch,  v-stitch in the next hdc, *sk next 2 hdc, v-stitch in next hdc**. Repeat from * to ** 10 more times. V-stitch in 1st chain stitch of left armhole, sk 2 ch, v-stitch in next ch, sk 2 ch, v-stitch in next ch. V-stitch in the next hdc, *sk next 2 hdc, v-stitch in next hdc**. Repeat from * to ** 3 more times. Skip next 2 hdc and dc in next 2 hdc. Turn.
Round 15 (cluster round): Chain 3. Dc in next dc, *cluster in ch-1 space of the next v-stitch**. Repeat from * to ** around. Dc in the last two dc. Turn.

Repeat round 14, v-stitch (v-stitch in the middle dc of each cluster stitch) and round 15, cluster stitches (cluster stitch in the ch-1 space of each v-stitch) five more times for a total of twelve lace rows. Do not fasten off.


Ch 1 and sc up left front working in ends of rounds. Ch 1 and turn. Sc in each sc down left front, making 4 button holes spaced evenly down the yoke (the hdc stitches). (To make buttonholes: from the top, sc 2, ch 2 and sk the next 2 sc. I then worked 5 sc to the next buttonhole and so on.) Ch 1 and turn. Sc in each sc and chain stitch up the front of the left front. Do not turn. Ch 1 and sc in each stitch along the neck. Ch 1 and sc down the right front working in the ends of the rounds. Ch 1 and turn, sc in each sc up the right front. Ch 1 and turn, sc in each sc down the right front. Ch 1 and work picot edging along the bottom as follows: *sc 3, picot** repeat from * to ** around finishing with sc in the last 3 stitches.

Fasten off.


Attach yarn to underarm. Work 30 hdc around and join with a sl st. Do not turn, but instead continue to work in the round. Ch 2, work 1 hdc in the same stitch and then 1 hdc in each hdc around. Work a total of 4 rows from the join and work a decrease by skipping the first hdc (the one in the same space as the chain) (29 hdc). Work 12 more rows decreasing 1 hdc at the beginning of each round for a total of 16 rows and and final round of 18 hdc. Fasten off.

Repeat for second sleeve.

Weave in ends.

Sew on 4 buttons on the right edging opposite the buttonholes.


Dagmar said...

Anneliese, you are amazing..your go on a holiday with your beautiful family, the girls look like angles in all the dresses you made and you still find time to knit that darling sweater and hat...It is truly inspiring and wonderful..I crocheted your little cloche and have posted it on my blog..I am learning to crochet just so I can make things for my little granddaughter and I just love your tutorials. Thank you so much for your generous heart!
Tuscany looks so amazing!

Unknown said...

I think this is wonderful, you are so clever. I have been looking for somthing similar for my girls who are 3 annd 5. Thank you for taking the time to do the tutorial too. Those pics are incredible, what a romantic looking place it is.
Jo x

Lorrie said...

Beautiful photos of Tuscany and of you and your daughter. I'm going to be book marking this site for this sweater - just the thing for a little someone I love.

dana said...

ahh. the photos! I really need to go there one day. And that little sweater has got to be the cutest crocheted item I've ever seen. You should be the poster child for crocheting :)

deebriese said...

Thanks so much! I actually have had problems with the picot and lace directions..This helps quite a bit! As usual your amazing girl!

Pauper said...

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely pattern! Your little girl is so beautiful--love that hair! And ahhh, these photos are just beyond gorgeous.

Matt said...

Hi Anneliese,

I'm in the middle of crocheting this sweater, which I'm attempting to size up for my 15 month old. So far I find the instructions very clear and photos very helpful. I just have one question about the yoke (which I finished, so I hope I did this right): should I be chaining 2 at the end of each row of hdc without any increases? For example beginning in round 3 there is no "ch 2, turn" direction. I went ahead and did that anyway just like at the end of the rows with increases. This is only the second pattern I've ever attempted, so I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something! Thanks!

Elasha said...

Oops - that last comment was accidentally posted under my husband's name.

Anneliese said...

@Matt/Elasha: yes you should do the turning chain (ch-2) at the end of each row in the yoke. I will update the pattern to make that more clear! Thanks.

Elasha said...

Great! Thanks!

Elle said...

Love the pattern. I just made one in deep purple. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Corrabelle said...

I can't wait to try this sweet design! I'll be making it for my little one, due in october;)

Corrabelle said...

A quick question...
I'm halfway down, just finished the yoke and the first round of v stitch, followed by the cluster round. (Finished to round 15.)

After that, it says to repeat the v-stitch adn cluster stitch rounds 5 more times.
Does that mean, a round of v stitches then a round of cluster stitches? Or does it mean to do v stitch, cluster stitch, v-stitch, cluster stitch, etc in the same round, 5 more times?
I could see it working either way...but i'm not sure!



Anneliese said...

@Corra: You should do one round of vstitch and then one round of cluster then one of v one of cluster and so on! I will revise the pattern to hopefully make this more clear! Thanks for asking!

Corrabelle said...


Divya said...

Hi, Thnx a lot for this pattern. I did this sweater with few modifications. You can find it @

ArtistaScar said...

hi there! i wanted to say THANK YOU for posting such an adorable pattern!! i also wanted to comment on your daughter's name. as i was reading your entry i saw 'scarlett' i think its awesome bc i too am named scarlett. i haven't met any other scarletts in person or that are my age.....just lil babies and yours is super cute :)

crochetnewbie said...

Anneliese - Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern. I just finished crocheting this for my Audrey, who is almost 1 year old. I am so excited to start making her different pieces - this was my first sweater and I love it. Thank you!!

Jess said...

I am having trouble with the edging. so it is Single Stitch then Chain 1 all in one stitch all the way up or do I do a chain 1 then a single stitchs the entire way up? I did the single and chain each time the entire way up then single stitch in each of those and I just feel like it ruffles a little... Thanks!

Unknown said...

OMG you'll have to link this one up, too! It's amazing! And I LOVE the Tuscany pictures!

Unknown said...

I am having issues with this pattern. Row 13 seems to have 82 stitches. Row 14 seems to only account for 78 stitches in the previous row. What am I missing?

Anneliese said...

@Jenni Drew: Sorry you're having issues. I went back to look at the pattern and count and here's what I've got for Row13:the turning ch-2 counts as the first stitch. So you would ch-2, turn, and then start working in the next hdc (you don't skip a hdc but you also don't hdc in the same st as the turning ch-2), so after the first 7 hdc you would have a total of 8 hdc.

The stitch count on Row 13 will look like this at the end:

17 hdc, 7 ch, 34 hdc, 7 ch, 17 hdc=82 stitches

I've added that count in the pattern above.

As for row 14, it looks like I made an error! I just revised it.

Thanks for the careful counting and commenting!

Natalie Foley said...

Any chance that Alasha would be willing to share her revised instructions for a sweater for a 15 month old? I'm a newer crocheter and don't know how to upsize. Thanks much!

Ruhani said...

I have the same issue as Natalie Foley. I want to make this sweater for my niece and want it to last at least 2 winters. Is it possible for you to share instructions on how to make this sweater for a 24-month old? Please! Much appreciated. :)

Chandrika said...

Thank you very much for the pattern. A quick question though...while crocheting the sleeves should each row start with chain 2 and end with a slip stitch?

Anneliese said...

@Chandrika: Yes, you should repeat the ch-2 and sl st at the end of each of the sleeve rows. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tuscany is a beautiful place...I love Italy!! Adorable patterns ...look forward to using them..

angelb said...

how would i make this for a 5 yr old and a 7 yr old?

Unknown said...

I don't know if you are still comment on this or getting comments from it but I was just wonder what does sk mean in round 14 was it actually suppose to be sc and not sc just a little confused

Márcia said...

Thank you!
Obrigada pelo tutorial!
Linda família.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely pattern. How can I make it bigger for a 12 to 18 months?

Kelly B.

Anneliese said...

@Kelly B.: I'm glad you like the pattern! I haven't figured out the larger size, but since this pattern is for a sport weight, you could try going up to a worsted weight yarn (and larger hook). It will certainly be larger--I'm just not sure how much. But it may be just the thing!

Cat24 said...

I can't seem to find the tutorial? Is it a video or slides ?

Thanks so much for sharing your pattern,also love the colour of the wool.

Happy hooking


Anneliese said...

@Cat24: the tutorial is part of this post--photos and text. Thanks.

Cat24 said...

I have made this without the sleeves and it's an adorable little vest. I'm hoping that the sleeves are easy to attach. You did say that this is made in one piece though!

Thanks again for sharing your darling little baby girl, showing us how the sweater looks on her.


Cat24 said...

Love the colour sapphire blue, but can't find it where I live! Do you know of a substitute for Patons Grace, very costly here, so would appreciate if I could substitute with another brand.

Any help would be appreciated



Cat24 said...

Did anyone see that the ends of the rounds say to end on a sc, yet the stitches are all hdc, so how do we end up on a sc if the stitches are all hdc? Unless I'm missing some of the pattern, we making hdc and we should be ending up on a hdc and not a sc!



Anneliese said...

@Cat24: Hi Cat, thanks for spotting this inconsistency. It was a typo! The yoke is all hdc after round 2. I've fixed it in the pattern now.

LitlBits said...

I just love this little Picot and Lace Sweater!

I wonder what adjustments I could make so it might fit my 2 year old granddaughter? I don't find too many patterns I think I can make, but your tutorials make it look doable - even for me!

Thank you so much for sharing this! What a wonderful, giving "family" I have found in the crochet blogosphere! Amazing!
Thank you again! I might just have to try and hope it fits...if not, will donate to local shelter so some little one will have a sweater to wear.
Blessings to you!

MrsShamrock said...

I used bulky yarn and a 9mm and this pattern. Made it lg/xl :) Thank you!

MrsShamrock said...

I used bulky yarn and a 9mm and this pattern. Made it lg/xl :) Thank you!

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