Thursday, September 16, 2010

Invites: Modern Farm Invite for Scarlett's 2nd Birthday

I guess I should feel pretty good about what I've managed to accomplish since having little Tess, but I am amazed at how I've been forced to slow down while my mental to-do list has expanded. I guess it's not a different challenge than before I was armed (literally) with a newborn, but it seems the delta between my creative ambitions and reality is growing wider all the time! Not that I'm complaining, it's more amusing than anything.

So I am happy that amidst baby spit up, diaper changes, one-armed bouncing, the start of pre-school, and toddler swimming lessons (not to mention sleep deprivation) I actually managed to finish the invitations for Scarlett's 2nd birthday party. Hooray!!

The idea for this 2nd birthday was "farm animals" as darling Scarlett loves animals and has been making animal sounds for about a year now though their actual names have come much more slowly. Seems like more of a spring thing to do (wish I could do a baby animal petting farm!) so I'm thinking of animal farm plus apple harvest. There. That's Fall certainly.

It has been so much fun thinking about this party, even if thinking is about the only thing I've done so far. It's such a creative rush, especially at odd times of night while baby-caring. I was thinking of a more country look initially but ended up going a bit more modern. So "Modern Farm" it is.

If I hadn't already been down the path of a multi-colored party I would have gone with the black and red version of these invites. I LOVE IT! But, multi-colored it is. Had to print these anyway, just for fun.

Now that I'm getting the invitations in the mail I'm hoping my other ideas will start falling in place. All I need is a few hours with two hands!

I've made both the multi-color and the black/red version of these invites available as a free download on Scribd:

Modern Farm_2nd Birthday Invite_FREE PRINTABLE_AestheticNest_2 Up

This is an Adobe Acrobat file you can print on card stock, cut in half and fold.


heather said...

Love these invites!! Very cute!!!

Joanne said...

Love the graphic, bold colors of these!

Very Shannon said...

LOVE these! Wish I could come!

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

These are really great a great idea!

OMIYAGE said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
A farm theme for little ones is such a great choice.
- Marisa

@jenhalloran said...

These are SO fabulous! Tempted to use these for Chris's next birthday -- just have to come up with an animal sound that rhymes with "eighteen." :-)

Happy birthday lovely miss Scarlett...

Unknown said...

So great! My Mags us turning one next month and having a "fall/farm" party. Wish I could think of something to rhyme with one!

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