Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sewing: Reupholstered Outdoor Pillows

So the nesting instinct this pregnancy has taken serious aim at "loose ends;" those things around the house that aren't quite finished. Those projects I was always intending to take on. So I am very happy to cross this one off the list!

We got this great patio furniture earlier this year from Costco, which of course can seldom be beat for quality and price, but I didn't love the throw pillows. They're OK, but I'm not crazy about the pattern and they didn't add much in my opinion--no color--while the small scale of the pattern also seemed a bit distracting.

Viewed from the room adjacent to this patio I was wishing for pillows that pulled through some of the colors in the room, red, for instance. So I went on a hunt, first looking at purchasing outdoor pillow covers, but after investing in the furniture the price tag for that was too high. Then I thought I should sew the covers myself since several fabric stores carry outdoor fabrics. At about $29/yard I thought I would save about half. But then, I called one of my favorite fabric stores, HomeFabrics, and learned they too carry outdoor fabrics so I headed over there to check them out. I was a bit disappointed because most of the selection was not at all what I had in mind, but then I found the perfect fabric misplaced in the canvas area--this beautiful warm solid red! Unbelievably, it was $3.99/yard!!! I bought three yards for six pillows, so for about $12 I have what I think are the perfect throw pillows for our patio furniture.

 I think the solid red is simpler, more in keeping with the contemporary lines, but also provides more "oomph," especially when viewed from the living room. It also works well with the flowering pots. 

Of course the fabric sat on my table for a week before I got to it, but when I finally did it really didn't take long at all. I didn't use a zipper because the originals didn't, and I guess the point of outdoor fabrics is that they are waterproof and can be squirted off or wiped clean rather than washed. Seemed a time saver but I don't love stitching pillows closed--very awkward moving the poufy things along the foot and keeping the topstitch straight. But I managed--lots of pins helped. And the bit of effort was so worth it! I love the red pillows and love what a cinch they were in terms of time and budget. Guilt-free. Hooray! 

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Hoity Toity Baby said...

Your yard is BEAUTIFUL!

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