Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gifts: Kitchen Tools for my Girlfriends

One of my favorite Christmas events is a lunch with my girlfriends to celebrate two of their birthdays (on the same day in December) and exchange small Christmas gifts. It's always fun to try and come up with something high on style but low on budget. Lately I have been leaning toward the utilitarian.
A couple years ago I gave Method handsoap dispensers in a great bright green color tied with red ribbon. Last year it was a Crate&Barrel white with snowflake diecut napkin holder with red napkins. This year it's more Crate&Barrel: Red silicone and stainless steel spatula and snowflake diecut pancake turner wrapped in an IKEA dishtowel. I was happy to find this snowflake ribbon at Target to match.

I feel like Santa with my bag full of gifts! And how great is this vinyl Santa bag! Got it at the grocery store and I love it. Not only do I have Christmas gifts and birthday gifts but a baby gift too. Very fun.

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