Friday, April 3, 2009

Card: Happy Easter

When Audrey was little I occassionally sent out cards to her grandparents featuring some recent adroable pic. I haven't done it as often lately, but Easter inspired me.

First, I found these cute velvet and fur bunny ears at Target and couldn't resist taking some pictures of the girls wearing them.

Second, I finally put up a few Easter decorations this year. Hasn't been much of an impetus before the girls, but now that Audrey is old enough to appreciate it it is fun.

My mother always used to bring in a branch with flowering buds or pussy willows and hang little painted eggs and birds from it--beautiful wood ornaments we got while living in Germany. It's been hard to find their equivalent, but I found some things that remind me of them. I put the Easter Tree in a tall glass vase an decided to take some pictures of Audrey looking at it. This was my favorite:

So with these cute photos, why not an Easter card? I ordered some from KodakGallery -- square tri-fold with pale easter egg motif on the front.
I am including a small thumbnail on the back of this shot of Audrey with bunny ears:

Though I really love this photo too:

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