Friday, September 14, 2007

Painting: First Painting in Years!

My sister, Christine, was also an art major in college. And she hasn't painted in years either. I just got so busy in my career and then marriage and other fun creative pursuits that didn't take the same kind of mental space. And then my daughter arrived of course. But I'm back! Well, trying to get back anyway. Christine convinced me to take a painting class through the university continuing education program. We signed up with another art major friend and thought of it as a way to commit the time and spend some time together.

It was pretty funny, the three of us trying to put paint to canvas again. It was interesting how some things seemed familiar and others were completely lost! We had to laugh a lot.

So this little 8"x10" still life is my first attempt to get back in it. We painted this set up in the studio and this represents about 2 hours of work. Not bad I think given the time and given my long absence.

I just hope I can come back to this at the end of the class and see some improvement!

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