Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Room Design: Bleached Tablescape (Kirtsy Slideshow)

I have always loved the monochrome. Pick your hue and layer it with different depths of saturation and that's my kind of ensemble or room or tablescape! I think it's both modern and timeless, and I think it's a great approach to holiday entertaining.

This year I'm bleaching it. I'm going with white-on-white. I love the way it forces you to look at ordinary, natural objects, such as a pinecone, differently.

Somehow it accentuates the subtleties of texture and shape. The white isn't totally opaque so the warm wood tones come through, which I find captivating. This bleached tablescape could lend itself to a frosted wintertime look, especially if you mixed it with mercury glass and silver, or it could be warmer, say with touches of gold on plates or serving platters. And this restrained palette allows the food--which is really the focus of holiday entertaining--to be standout.

This Bleached Tablescape and a photo DIY is part of a Kirtsy slideshow, called 10 Perfectly Pretty Party Projects (now that's my kind of alliteration!). It's curated by Sarah Bryden-Brown of BlogStar, and features 10 lifestyle bloggers, many of whom I know are familiar to you. Check out all the great ideas for styling a party during the holidays and beyond.


  1. Well said and looks beautiful! I not a fan of the cluttered look either and the monochrome eliminates that. Christmas at our house is going to be plaid:) I have really enjoyed your blog!

  2. Beautiful:) Did you actually bleach all the natural items or spray paint them lightly? Thanks! I would love to do this for this Christmas and will need to get started, :)

  3. I am curious what tree these branches are from. Thinking about using this as a winter wedding centerpiece

  4. @jean: These are from Aspen. Would be beautiful for a Winter wedding!

  5. Hi Anneliese,
    I really love this idea and would like to use your foto of this bleached table scape for a winter deco round up post along with a link back to your post. Are you ok with that? I'd appreciate if you'd let me know! Thanks!!!


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