Monday, July 29, 2013

Sewing: Pattern Testing for The Bateau Neck Top

Today I'm sharing the work of a great team of sewing testers. This group of women tested The Bateau Neck Top pattern and provided me with some invaluable feedback to ensure it is simple to use and a good fit. They tested in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia so I can say with confidence that the pattern will print in letter-sized or A4 paper. And, they provided me with something that just doesn't exist in my household: boys! I loved seeing their pictures as they arrived in my inbox and thought you might enjoy too seeing the variety of sewing they did with the pattern. 

Click through for the photos and links to some of their reviews.

I'll start with Ana Sofia, of the beautiful blog, S is for Sewing. She sewed a beautiful wool/cashmere Ruffled Neck Bateau Top as well as a brother and sister set of striped jersey tops. You can read all about it here.

Helen, from The Busy Mama's, made three versions too: a Pleated Bateau Neck Top in fleece, a Classic Bateau Neck Top in a jersey, and a darling Button-Back Bateau Neck Top with contrasting buttons. See her post here.

Carolina of Dotted Whale Learn sewed some Classic Bateau Neck Tops for her boys in the striped knits that seem integral to the definition of this top. (I couldn't resist a similar fabric for a top of my own.) Her review of the pattern can be found here.

Darci chose to add contrasting pockets and buttons to a Classic Bateau Neck Top with such great results. My girls would love wearing something like this.

Elisa from Charming Doodle sewed for her son and daughter. I love her choice of solid fabrics and the elbow length sleeves on the Classic Bateau Neck Top. She shares a review on her blog here.

Ellen from Ellzabelle chose a really fun print for a Bateau Neck Top with Pockets. Such a pretty top, and even prettier setting for this photo. You can see more of these great shots on her post here.

Emily of Replicate Then Deviate also shortened the sleeves to the elbow. She sewed a Bateau Neck Top with Pockets. (The pattern includes both the chest and the hip pockets.) It's so great in those polka dots! You can see more on her blog here.

MamaNene from Serger Pepper refashioned a sweater, keeping the hem edge, to make a Classic Bateau Neck Top. I think it looks fantastic layered over another shirt. All sorts of possibilities for cooler weather... You can read her post here.

Silvia also did some refashioning. She used a men's polo to make a Classic Bateau Neck top for her daughter and left the short banded sleeves. I love the purple fabric with stripes. It looks darling on her daughter.

Jen from Lea and Lars, mixed up the prints on her Bateau Neck Tops. I had to smile when I saw these--aren't they fun? Reminds me of some I've bought repeatedly for my girls--now I can make them instead. You can see more of her tops here.

Gemma sewed the Classic Bateau Neck Top in a fun floral print. Wouldn't you love the sources for all these fabrics? Sometimes great knits aren't so easy to find...

Rachel of Pilgrim Days picked some fun prints too. I am always a sucker for stripes and I love that elephant print on the Pleated Bateau Neck Top. Plus, in a happy coincidence her little model is wearing Bloomers from my Summer Set pattern. You can see more cute photos here.

Sarah, of Petite Patterns, sewed the Pleated Bateau Neck Top and a Classic in different stripes. More stripes--I can't get enough. Cute cooler weather looks too. She shares a post about it here.

Shifrah of See Mommy Doing sewed a great Bateau Neck Top with Pockets for her son. He looks so sharp in those green and black stripes and I love the way she turned the fabric on the pocket. She shares a bit about it here.

I have to also thank Shay, who in the middle of working on her doctoral program re purposed some shirts to sew Classic Bateau Neck Tops for her boys.

Thanks to all these talented women for their scrutiny of my work and their helpful suggestions! I appreciate so much that they found time in their busy schedules. And seeing all their photos made me really wish I could see everything sewn from my patterns. Every time I see someone else's take it gives me more ideas!

Hope you found some inspiration here too.


Hoots Momma said...

I just love your sewing style!! I love your eye too!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness such fun tops!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the opportunity!
I had a great time testing this pattern and loved to see what everyone else created! So many inspiration :-)

carolina said...

WOW! What a great tops!! More ideas to sew.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Unknown said...

Thank you Anneliese for the great occasion! I loved to sew this top and I'll sew some more for sure!!! Tomorrow will post about it on my blog (I've been on vacation, this week, sorry for being late!!!)

MammaNene @ SergerPepper

Miamihoney said...

WOW! Such great tops- love the fabric choices and the personalization. The models are pretty cute too. Great pattern and fantastic results.

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